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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

there was a problem with cookies...

Well....I suppose the best place for me to start would be the begining, that logic seems to have worked out well for a lot of people over the years.Then again, Inception and Kick Ass started fairly close to the end and they did well for themselves.

Never the less......I shall start at the begining (technically speaking im starting over 17 years after the begining but thats just me rambling, I do that.... a lot...).
Anyways, my names Ethan, I'm Irish, I'm a 17 year old student and have decided to take up blogging, I'm sure youve noticed this last point on your own.

Now, on to business....
Well I suppose the reason I've decided to write this is because a lot of my friends seem to  have started blogging over the last while and I thought I'd give it a go as well ( for funzies ) and I must say it does seem enjoyable
That being said....I appear to be constanlty hindered by a combination of a bad internet connection, caused by the recent snow fall, and a problem with cookies of all things. Now usually I have no problem with cookies, they're crunchy and chocolatey and they led to the creation of everyones favourite monster, but these arent usual cookies- these would be internet cookies which you apparently need to "allow" before you can sign up to a certain website.

Another reason for my sudden interest in blogging would have to do with being trapped indoors for a second week due to the afformentioned snow. Admittedly the snow was welcomed by most people I know as it meant that our christmas tests would have to be put off while the snow melted, but after just a week of it most people seemed to have grown annoyed with it.....that being said, i must say I didnt seem to notice many people actually enjoying the snow. Most seemed to get the basic 'build a snowman and such' out of the way by day two and have spent the last while on Facebook or just being indoorsy in general. The whole indoorsy thing suited me perfectly really seeing as how most of the things i enjoy tend to work better inside; Xbox, internet chatting, reading and so on, so I've been quite content.
I could try saying that being stuck indoors all week has driven me somewhat insane but I tend to be insane at the best of times, then again so do most of my friends so I cant really say its a bad thing. Another thing you'll notice, if I decide to continue blogging and you decide to read more of these hypothetical blogs, is that I can be incredibly nerdy, so if you do read on expect anything from books to comics to sci-fi to Xbox games.

Well thats all from me for now, thanks for reading and such.......bye

May Oud be with you


  1. Welcome to the weird and wonderful world of blogging, Ethan. :D This was a great first post! To be honest, I just wish the snow would bugger off now. It has made me have conversations with myself (see latest blog post). :P

  2. Why thank you David, and it could always be could always start talking to the snow =P

  3. Ooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuud :D We are the Church of the Oud. Welcome to blogging my dear boy! Hooray for insanity :)